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Our after school yoga club conveniently comes to your child's school to offer after school yoga enrichment! The club runs weekly throughout the school year. Each week your child will learn new breath techniques and yoga postures, but the layout of each class will remain the same. The specific class format that we use was created to keep children of all ages engaged, active and motivated.

Who: 1-5th Grade Students 

What: After school yoga enrichment

Tuition: $300 for a 13 week session

Locationsselect school to view DATES


Timberlin Creek Elementary

Wednesdays 2-3pm 

Julington Creek Elementary

Thursdays 3-4pm

Valley Ridge Academy

TBD Fall 2024


You're only as young as your spine is flexible.

-Bob Harper

1. Focus

Did you know that yoga has been found to improve attention spans in children? This can help them to feel balanced and calm.

2. Body Awareness

Yoga helps children to have an awareness of their body and coordination for deliberate movements. 

3. Flexibility

It is no secret that yoga increases flexibility, but did you know that flexibility prevents injury?

4. Strength

Yoga strengthens the major muscles groups as well as the minor ones. Hello warriors and chaturangas!

5. Coordination + Balance

Using breath and focus to hold balancing postures improves balance both on the mat and off.

6. Partner Yoga + Games

This is the fun part! Working together with others to create all kinds of shapes and balances. Yoga based games keep the fun going.

I will catch you if you fall. -Yoga Mat

But will complement all activities and sports such as gymnastics, dance, karate and much more. is also cool on it's own.


Opening Breath Exercise

Sun Salutations & Flow

Balancing Postures and Partner Yoga

Challenge Postures

Yoga Game

Kid Friendly Guided Relaxation

Currently we are serving the northwestern part of St. Johns County. If you would like YOGA CLUB ST. JOHNS to come to your child's school in St.Johns County please email a request and we will do our best to make it happen! 

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