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Yoga Club St. Johns seeks to make the practice of yoga accessible to school aged children in a (convenient to parents) after school setting. This program teaches yoga in a way that is engaging, structured, and fun! Yoga is for all bodies, and all bodies  benefit from yoga! Children will fall in love with the practice of yoga at a young age, and harness the skills they've learned as they grow to unite a healthy body, mind and spirit.


My name is Amber Eads and I'm the founder of Yoga Club St. Johns. My qualifications include 14+ years teaching yoga, previously Co-Founding  a Hot Yoga Studio in Palm Coast, as well as years spent in the classroom as an Elementary Education teacher. I live in northern St. Johns county with my Soldier husband and twin 7 year old daughters. Yoga has been essential for my life in the way of injury prevention, mental awareness, and of course fun! My daughters both naturally have shown a curiosity for my practice of yoga from a young age. What I've realized over the years is that so many children are born with this natural flexibility and curiosity of movement, yet lack the physical and mental control to nourish and support that flexibility as they grow. Let's be honest, don't we all wish that we would have found yoga earlier in life?

Amber Eads


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